Provide access to terms & conditions of savings accounts and other non-core products (in advance of opening)

After you open a savings account within the Monzo app the full terms and conditions of the account are easily accessible on the page/screen of your opened account.

However, when browsing the savings account options (in advance of opening) I have no idea how to access full terms and conditions for the various accounts. This is very frustrating as it’s something which is typically easy to access on savings account product pages on the websites of other banks. For example:

I assume full terms and conditions get presented at some stage during the savings account opening process within the Monzo app (I’ve forgotten exactly when it happened during my own account opening), but i don’t think we should be made to wait until then to see them. There should be a link to view full terms and conditions for a particular savings account made easily accessible in advance the account opening process (I suggest on the main product page for the account, as with the examples linked to above).

I also notice on the in-app product screen for Monzo Plus there is no link to full terms and conditions for the base Monzo Plus or the various add-ons. This makes it impossible to assess the value in advance of the opening process. In the case of Monzo Plus, I realise there is a web page with more information than is provided in-app but even that web page doesn’t seem to contain a link to full terms and conditions, unless it’s well hidden. So I think the suggestion I’ve made above for Savings accounts probably applies to other non-core products.

Why is this marked as done?

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I probably accidentally put it in that category when posting. Have now moved.

Voted :slight_smile:

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Recently had an in-app chat during which I was told I can’t even access the terms & conditions in advance of account opening by requesting through the chat. Only way to access them is to open an account.

Seems backwards to me.

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Surely you need to know what the legal terms are before you accept them?

Some mix up somewhere, I imagine.

I suppose they might be presented at some point during the account opening process. I’m not sure.

What I asked through chat was if I could be provided with the terms & conditions before initiating the account opening process. Following escalation to a specialist I was told this was not possible.

Just gone as far as I dare** through the account opening process and full T&Cs did not get presented.

** I don’t actually want to open an account until I see full T&Cs and its not clear which screen is the last screen in the opening flow before the account gets opened, so I might not have got to the final screen.