Transparent fees summary for new customers

Is there anywhere on the Monzo website where there is a summary of all fees? (or planned charges)

Charges are generally communicated clearly in app once you are a customer i.e. Overdrafts before applying, foreign exchange when you arrive aboard (iOS only), however for a new customer making a decision about whether or not to join Monzo, I think this information is lacking…unless I have missed it somewhere?


There is this, which applies to the pre-paid card:

For the current account, the following (also linked to on the above page) modifies some prepaid conditions:

I think this is a bit confusing now that the current account is the main (and soon only) product. The main ‘Terms’ page should refer to the current account, setting it all out in full. There could be a legacy link to the prepaid card for the period of time necessary while that scheme winds down. @tristan, do you know if there are plans to make the current account the main product shown on the ‘Terms’ page above?

Yes, definitely :slight_smile: We’ll make this much clearer over the coming weeks!


Excellent, thanks! It will make it much simpler to point people to the current account T&Cs. :wink:

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