Prompt when sending payment without reference

(MikeF) #21

To be fair, the font colour means it’s less than ‘stand out’ visible.


And this particular reference was simply my name, so it didn’t stand out as being particularly obvious

(Sam) #23

My suggestions are:

  • Make it clearer on the already existing confirmation screen that a reference was not set. This adds no additional friction. Reference is not shown rather than shown to be empty.
  • If I used a reference before, which Monzo already knows in the UI, then be even even even more clearer that a reference has not been set.
  • Bonus: Allow me to save payees with reference number included, like NatWest does.
  • Get rid of the “Sent with Monzo” default reference.
  • If I don’t add a reference, don’t invisibly add my name as the reference instead.


In the last few days I’ve twice forgot to check the reference and it defaulted to “sent from Monzo” which isn’t helpful to the recipient or to me. Defaulting the reference to my name would also be useless and using the previously used reference for a destination account would also sometimes be useless.

My preference would be the following - If I forget to engage with the reference field Monzo should give a caution when clicking send (like the caution email programs give if the subject field is blank or an attachment is missing).If sending a blank reference is a valid option, one of the options at this point could be to confirm a blank reference. If a transfer has previously been sent to that account there should also be a list of previously-used references to select from. These options should also be available if the user engages with the reference field prior to hitting send. In this instance no caution would be provided when hitting send.

This would slightly increase friction on occasions the user forgets to engage with the reference field before sending or when the user wants to repeat a previously used reference, but in my view the process needs some extra friction as it is too easy to forget about the reference field.

Of course, reference warnings could be implemented as an optional feature that could be toggled on/off in settings.

(Kieran) #25

In the latest beta update of the app, when sending a faster payment it now defaults to the last reference used :slight_smile: .

(Sam) #26

Hooray it seems Monzo made an update, I paid my rent and the reference field contained the existing value from before. :confetti_ball: