Prompt for “reference” on money transfer

It might just be me but I’ve been caught out twice now and it’s uncomfortable when money gets lost.

First transfer to Freetrade went swimmingly.
Monzo remembered Freetrade but didn’t retain reference. Next transfer was allowed but Freetrade couldn’t allocate me (few enough users that they contacted me directly). I also made this mistake transferring to Glint.

It seems like it should be remembered or could prompt to say “reference is empty, do you want to proceed?”



Yup it does retain it you just have to click into reference. But agree a “ref empty alert” would be good

Yep an empty ref alert would be great.

Yep this is another issue with the way Monzo link payments references on bank transfers you make (I’ve highlight another issue relating to making payments towards credit cards).
The payments tab needs overhauled.

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So long as you don’t have to have a reference I’m fine with this too. I just don’t like putting them in!

+1 for a reference empty alert. Sent my first funds to Freetrade without it (oops!)
My second transfer went through fine but the reference number hasn’t ‘stuck’, needs to be input each time, which is annoying.

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If you click on reference it should populate previous references used in a drop down for that payee?

Thank you Beth, for the life of me I can’t believe I didn’t see that.

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