Progress update: Core App

Standard moan from me but those of with business accounts actually being able to get the new nav would be a massive plus


Thank you @bruno. Great update and just what the people seem to want!

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Time to acquire my son’s newly redundant old Android phone to try some pot re-ordering I think.


I still don’t have the option to choose paid weekly

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Although I budget monthly, the weekly option isn’t showing for me either - after a Force Stop too.
Slow server-side flag status changes?

In labs , opt out of testing ‘hide left to spend’ and then weekly was available

When I’ve gone back to opt in, it says enabled and I get the feed item , but it doesn’t actually hide the left to spend anymore, so seems like a bug @bruno

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Awesome update @bruno! Glad to see things are improving! :+1:

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Nice update.

Lack of feature parity stings though. Why is this still happening? It is starting to feel shoddy that you seem to choose to implement features in one platform but not another, when most other major apps (major as in ‘influence on my life’) seem to manage it.


Excellent news in this update :slight_smile:

Please please please consider custom categories in however you begin thinking about budgeting.

Please also do user research & testing when it comes to budgeting too. There’s been a load of good suggestions around the forum, particularly around Pots too that would make great budgetary additions.

I’ll always shout for a zero-sum style budget as I think it’s so powerful :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to here more.


First point: it’s in Labs, so I really don’t think that counts as ‘implementing’. And there seems to be a pretty clear commitment to not removing it from Labs until iOS is also ready.

Second point: different dev teams for iOS and Android, so probably the case that the iOS team has another task to get out of the way of higher priority before they can start working on pot sorting. This isn’t unusual, and in other cases it will be the other way around. Many of us probably remember the original Android app and how long it took to get anywhere close to parity with iOS (to the point where Tom switched to using Android so that feeling the pain points himself would help!).



Many thanks for the update - much appreciated.

Any chance you could give the team working on Plus, lessons in customer engagement?


Thanks for that. Let me put an interpretation on what you said.

  1. I read that. And let’s not kid ourselves, Labs is as good as implemented for Monzo.

  2. It’s a cheap way to get around bad planning of having teams not planning with feature parity in mind. Other apps manage it, why can’t Monzo? And it isn’t unusual for Monzo, but it should be. And I don’t really care what the past was like, the future is a 4million+ user base who reads about a set of functionality that isn’t for their platform (regardless of which way).

I know why it happens, I read the same post as you. I just don’t think it’s excusable any more.


Most other apps don’t have weekly updates

Would you rather they held this back for a couple of months til it was ready for both platforms?


As someone who gets paid weekly, that has to be the biggest asset for me :grin::grin::grin:


Perhaps. And ‘most’ other apps already have feature parity (the ones I use at least), so weekly updates are mostly bug fixes.

I know this isn’t an easy thing to do, or rectify, but surely the bar should be higher than “hey we built something but not all our customers get to use it”.

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Just re-checked (without changing any other settings) and ‘Week’ now shows as an option in the ‘Resets every…’ so it looks like the server flags have been enabled or the :bug: squashed.

Regardless - a lot of peeps are going to be happy with this extra flexibility :clap:


Ok, that’s good.

I still can’t get left to spend to disappear again, something must still be up.

Awesome update as ever, @bruno! I assume the above is a typo?!

Is last Thursday, Friday of the month also going to be implemented?

If I logged in on an Android phone, reordered/hid my pots (when it’s released in Labs) will the new order/hidden pots replicate when I log in on the iPhone? :thinking::crossed_fingers: