Monzo Labs: Hide 'Left to Spend'

Aha, cheers! Didn’t realise there were issues.

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Love it.

I don’t find the total budget very useful at all as it doesn’t tell you how your doing really (you might have massively overspent on takeaways but not paid your bills yet) so without looking at the budget breakdown it’s useless in my opinion.

So I’m am very glad it can be hidden as it’s confusing on the balance screen.

If you’ve marked your bills as repeating then they are excluded from the summary/left to spend

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I’m not sure if this has already been said, but I’d like to hide left to spend on my personal account, but keep it on my joint account.

I like this feature, thanks! I like it because, I have other income that comes in at the same time each month (separate from my main salary). But I can’t schedule that, or add that to my account in advance, and so the ‘left to spend’ is somewhat inaccurate every day because it doesn’t know there’s more money coming in soon! Hope that makes sense.


I still can’t get it to hide,

I think it’s a useful feature to check how much I have left to spend without giving into the budgeting menu, so if it’s can still be an optional thing then that would be awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

I really like the ‘left to spend’ bar, it gives me an ‘in a glance’ status of my overall budget.

If there isn’t a replacement for that component in the home screen it’d be good to make this change optional.

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It is optional…

Sure, but it should be optional.


I know that, I’m saying moving forward if this becomes standard.

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Works fine, only issue is from a GUI POV, the balance should probably come down a little and get enlarged slightly as it looks disproportionate at the moment.


Hey, late to the party but just tried this feature out. I don’t think it’s particularly intuitive to find the summary page benath the pie chart icon. Coupled with the most useful feature of the ‘left to spend’ feature imo (the traffic lighting) perhaps you could enhance the pie chart icon to incorporate a notification/prompt/signal that the left to spend is there and an upfront notification of status of this?

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I really like the left to spend feature but it’s not really accurate. I set it as a monthly range because I get paid on the same date every month but I also get paid weekly and it always says “ it looks like you could run out of money” it doesn’t take into account my weekly payment so unless I’m doing something wrong it’s pretty much useless

If you enter the amount you expect to be paid for all income for the month in your budget it will work


or enter how much you BUDGET to spend that month , not necessarily the actual amount you’ve got to spend in your account.

The left to spend is a guide that you set , that’s all , a guide - be it a £100 or £10,000 budget amount , it takes off how much you have spent from the amount you’ve budgeted for, and looks how long you have left in the month , does some clever calculations on your actual spending and tells you on past spending you are likely to be within the budget you’ve set by the end of the month, or looks like you will be overspending , its then up to you to adjust your spending to suit, or not … again it doesn’t necessarily relate to how much you will have left in your account.

If you have then set your groceries category budget to be £100 and by the 2nd day of your pay cycle of 30 days you spend £90 on groceries it will warn you that you are likely to overspend in that category …again its a guide

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You need to set your payday as weekly

It would be great to have a video tutorial on how these calculations are made, in just left scratching my head to the point I’ve switched it off.

I’ll continue with alternatives like until Monzo invest some time into documentation on this.


As far as has been discussed so far, this is entirely optional. There has been no word or suggestion that hiding left to spend will ever be mandatory so I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

I would never wanna hide it either.