Pret is buying Eat

Pret have just confirmed that they’re to purchase Eat and are planning to convert many of the 94 UK stores to Veggie Prets. As we know, Monzo partnered with Eat earlier this year to offer digital receipts through the Flux technology.

It will be interesting to see what happens what happens now with this partnership, whether it will be scrapped or rolled out to all Pret stores.


I think it’s more that Eat partnered with Flux who in turn partnered with Monzo. In that regard, it’s more a question for Flux I’d imagine.


Sounds like bad news if you enjoy Eat’s Marmite and cheese “Morning Melt”. How do I stop this vulture capitalism? It’s a threat to my breakfast.




They shall now be called “Eat Pret”

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Preat surely…


Eat a manger. << Eat to eat >>


Veggie Pret for the win!

I went to the first one they did back in Old St, and then was expecting more to open up but it didn’t happen.

Speaking of Pret, I flew back from LA over the weekend and noticed that they are building a Pret in the international terminal at LAX Airport… The first stop for Pret in the US? (I’ve not seen any anywhere else)

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There’s a fair few in the US according to their site!

Ah, they’re all on the East coast. That’ll be why I’ve not seen any.

I only hang out on the West Coast for the most part, plus Minneapolis in the mid-West. Did make a trip down South to Memphis on this trip, but I’ve not been to the East coast in at least a decade.

They have a huge big in Soho on Broadwick Street (I thought that was the first one - it was a time-limited pop up at first, but was so popular it stayed).

I’ve not been to the US since they expanded over there but see it in the background of shows set in New York a lot.

I used to work at a fancy PR agency and one of the people on my floor turned out to be the daughter of a founder. I made the mistake of wondering out loud if Pret & Eat were the same company because they had identical ranges, layouts and were often next door to each other in certain parts of London. She let me know that they most certainly weren’t, and they were very unwelcome copycats.

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I think that coffee in Eat is better but that Pret have the better croissants so hopefully this sorts that out!

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Why do we need specific veggie Prets?

Surely they can sell meat products in one display case and veggie products in another side by side.
They already have veggie options so just expand these out.


Veggie Pret has a larger variety of veg options; by taking meat off the shelf, there’s more space.

Ahhhh love the morning melt and will be sad to see it go! Eat is, as far as I know the only place to get a marmite toastie.

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Starbucks does :mask:


Because this allows them to expand their veggie offerings dramatically, into a rapidly growing marketplace. It’s a smart business decision.