Pret is buying Eat - What will happen to flux for Eat?

So… Pret just announced they’re buying Eat. The statement says that they’re planning to convert some of the Eat stores into veggie prets.

That aside. I’m wondering about what’s going to happen to Flux (digital receipts) for Eat ? Anyone at Monzo could answer that ? :grimacing: still early news I know.

Already here:

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:frowning: Oh no, I really love Eat.

I definitely prefer Pret tbh, and I’ve become one of those people who gets frustrated if there isn’t one within 500m in London :sweat_smile: I was so annoyed when I found out there wasn’t one in the whole of Clapham, but then I moved across to Brixton and there’s one right by the station. Phew.

I hope their Flux integration means it’s more prominently in the attention of their new owners when they go around integrating systems… Pret doesn’t do any sort of loyalty thing, but the digital receipts part is super handy (esp if you’re a freelancer and like to keep track of what you buy when you’re on client visits!).


It’s too early to know what will be happening with digital receipts. :slightly_smiling_face: