Free ☕️ coffee at Eat

Hopefully some of you will take advantage of this!


100 miles to my nearest Eat…how good is their coffee? :wink:


Next… KFC!

Free :chicken:


Imagine getting there and you’re the 4001 customer. :man_facepalming:t3:


I went to Eat on Monday and bought a coffee and snack bar and got the price of the coffee refunded which was a very nice surprise - it was the day before pay day and I was totally skint, but really needed coffee that afternoon to get through the day! Especially as I normally walk further to Pret, but Eat is right next to my office and I was in a hurry.

When it’s limited to a set number I like it better as a surprise for people who were going anyway, rather than trying to entice people to go who may end up missing out. But I guess when it’s being used to promote a new initiative it makes sense to shout about it.

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