Prepaid Spending Cards for Charity

(Scott McGregor) #1

Hello, I’m new to UK and looking for prepaid cards for our volunteers at our charity. In the US, PEX Cards allow me to issue a card and in the webportal I load money onto them, see all the volunteers transactions and close the card when the event is over.
Is there anything in the UK like that? I tried Revolut but they won’t work with a Charity.
Thanks Savya

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #2


not sure if they have a web portal but they are a prepaid card.

(Splodf) #3

Loot maybe?

(Scott McGregor) #4

Thanks Danny, is there a physical card with Boon? I need that option.

(Scott McGregor) #5 this Pex card is perfect for what I need… giving volunteers (or employees) and easy way to pay for organisational expenses but still give my Finance department control over how much and where they can spend. Boon and Loot don’t look like they have that functionality on the surface but hard to tell.
I appreciate your help.


Worth a look:

(Splodf) #7

Loot is just a prepaid Mastercard with a sales feed. Not sure what info you can get out of it beyond that though.

(Scott McGregor) #8

THAT’S IT! This is exactly what I need! Thanks lumisota!