Charity Backing


I have recently seen advertisements from Virgin Money about their “Rainbow” credit card in support of the UK charity Stonewall. I feel this is a great way to connect to the younger audience who take social responsibility a lot more seriously than perhaps previous generations.

My question to monzo, do you plan to or do you already back any charities? Personally speaking you already come across as a more progressive brand, would be good to hear from charitable persuits more often.

Also, as odd as it sounds, but, people do like to humble brag a little bit here and there. Maybe an opt in for donations to a chosen charity could have a “limited edition” bank card? Would be a conversation starter at the bar and hopefully spread awareness.



Do you have anything to back up this sentence? Thought it was rather an odd supposition otherwise.

In respects of your suggestion, whilst initiatives to increase social responsibility and charitable giving are commendable, I think doing so for any kind of ‘bragging rights’ is a bit grim.


Grim yes, but unfortunately that’s how it works a lot of the time. The whole concept of little charity pin badges, for example, revolves around this. And how on JustGiving and similar websites it puts your name up, and prompts to share your donation to facebook, etc.

Woah, you’ve revived a very old topic :open_mouth:

Not sure if it is good to reignite this discussion because I can see it getting quite heated and political.

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I realised that once I’d posted. It showed up as a related topic at the bottom. Not always clear at first if it’s old :zipper_mouth_face:

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If this is actually going to happen at some point, can it please be for effective charities?

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