Loot Feedback

Seems like we have these sort of threads for all the others may aswell have Loot too.

Cards appears to be nice - waiting for the account to be verified as we speak.


Loot’s a prepaid card like Monzo used to be, right?

Indeed. Although I always suspect it’s only a matter of time before they make the switch to a bank.

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Let us know what it’s like when you’re in the app / got the card!

I have used Loot in past and this has been discussed here previously but quite some time ago. Just logged in after a year and seems to be no changes at all to the app or web interface.

Previously discussed in these threads;

I’ve just got in after they rather randomly mixed my details up with a politician. Was resolved very quickly though and in good humour.

The app is a good start, covers the basics. You can run budgets (non itemised just a p/w spend) and set goals with custom pictures (even Loot has it!).

It’s quite a clean interface, easy to navigate. I’d be intrigued to see where they take it. Strange that they haven’t done much to it as per the mention above as it looks like it has some potential.


Nothing new to write home about in the app to be honest. Also not really boat themed when you get in. Pots are called ‘Goals’ - the much derided Starling Pulse appears to have been recreated. I haven’t made any transactions so can’t report on what that looks like.

Card looks cool I think, quite like the transparent blue colour.

I’ve had an account with them for a year or so. They started with a lot of promise, but as has been noted there haven’t been many meaningful updates for a while. They seem like a great team, so I wonder what their plan is for moving forward.

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Loot has finally had an update since you posted this.

Quite promising. I wonder how they are getting on financially. Feels like they’ve had a bit of a scale back. Things have definitely slowed down.


RBS recently took a 25% stake, by way of their “challenger bank” off-shoot Bó:


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Loot are crowdfunding on Seedrs shortly…

Such a shame. I always had a soft spot for Loot.

They did seem to just give up about 12 months ago though.

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