Fantasy Football (FPL)

I’ve just changed my team’s kit colours. Swish!

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InterMeNan have joined the frey!


Sounds a bit wrong that one :joy:

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I’ll be joining :smiling_imp:

Really? Hadn’t noticed … :wink:

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Fixed it for you

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@grant.macgregor I’m in! Chip and monzo :partying_face::smirk:

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I’m in a Soccer Saturday Super 6 League, think you can beat me?

Head to and join my league

Monzo Premier League

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Joined Good Sir :wink:

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SonHasGotHisHatOn has entered the league!

Joined :smiling_imp:


Left it a bit close to the wire in throwing my hat into the ring, but it’s there now. No idea how I’ll do - I think I spent more time perfecting my spectacularly garish kit than I did picking players :see_no_evil:

Harry Kane and Raheem have saved me today after Salah’s exploits yesterday!

Top 3 after GW 1:

  1. Three in a row? - 98 pts
  2. De La Porte - 95 pts
  3. Giroud Sandstorm (great name) - 92 pts

Anyone going to make any rash transfers following City’s stomping of West Ham and United’s demolition of Frank’s Chelsea?



OK, we can end the season now, thanks.

Thanks :wink:

I figured it made sense to reply to you here!

Thanks for digging that out.
The code is too long, I guess they changed the format of league codes not too long ago :man_shrugging:t5:

Not sure if the person who set up the league is still about to generate a new code? Otherwise I’m more than happy to start a new league.

I think the codes are 6 characters (lower case letters and numbers) now. I don’t do FPL any more, otherwise I’d have been auto enrolled.

I started this league when i used to use facebook and and i was in a Monzo facebook group. Since then I have closed my facebook account but the league continues:

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