Pre Authorisations - CA Issue?

(Andy) #1

When ever I use my Monzo CA at a hotel, it seems that when I check out, instead of settling as per the original transaction, a new transaction is generated under the old authorisation code…

For example this weekend the hotel pre auth’d £150 and then when it came to settlement in my account a new payment of £121.45 has been taken, and the £150 payment is stuck on the account.

If I pay with my Starling card or Nationwide, it just adjusts the payment to what the final settlement figure is.


(Sacha) #2

I recently got pre-authorised £75 for 3 days hotel use. I then paid (the expected charge) on checking out. The £75 was released a week after it was originally taken.

It would be preferable if there was a way of auto-releasing the charge when the final payment was taken.

(Naji Esiri) #3

Hotel authorisations can sometimes take up to 30 days to cancel :pensive: It would be helpful to have more details from your account for some context so we can advise on your question more specifically.

If you reach out via Help in the one of the support team will be able to come back to you with a more detailed reply!

(Andy) #4

Hi @Naji

I had this the other week as well, at the same hotel, where by the process the total cost of stay using the authorisation code that they took at the start of the stay.

Could it be the alpha numeric auth codes, are being submitted and accepted twice?

I will raise again with support.