Payment delay?

I bought 2 hotel rooms from the same company, 1 using monzo and 1 using a mastercard credit.

The credit payment went out instantly. The monzo payment took £1 pending payment last Wednesday but nothing since? Still showing as pending £1.

Surely the full payment should have been taken by now?

Hey @ukheather :wave:

Really sorry to hear this has been an issue :disappointed:

I’d suggest you get in touch with us via the chat so we can have a look at the transaction on our end :raised_hands:


Pretty sure it’s an issue with the merchant. In any case I suggest not spending that money as it could still come through as a delayed transaction (they ring-fenced only 1£ in the authorisation but will take the full amount during presentment, usually a few days later but could be up to 30 days in the case of hotels).

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Just so weird seeing as I booked with the same company on a different card and the payment went straight out on that

Could be that for whatever reason their acquirer bank processes MasterCard debit and credit differently.


Yeah that would make sense

I also had a similar issue in the past where I booked a hotel room for myself on a debit card and a hotel room for a work colleague on a charge card and they reserved different amounts and released the authorization after different time periods.

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