Pound and round

I love the option to round up and put that into a pot.
It would be a great idea if you had an extra option to save an additional pound and round into pot.
So buy coffee, £2.30 = £1.70 goes into pot.

What do you think?

Potentially you could do this currently with the inbuilt round up and then IFTTT to move the extra £x you want (might vary depending on financial health…)?

That’s the point, instead of then having to transfer an extra £1 for the transaction it does it for you.
So basically you have 2 options, round up and save, pound and round up and save

You’re best off using IFTTT, there are a number already on there.

Yes, that was why the person you replied to said IFTTT. You can set up an applet/webhook so that whenever you make a card purchase, it’ll trigger IFTTT to move £x into your account. “it does it for you”. You don’t do anything manual beyond setting it up for the first time.

Have you used IFTTT before?

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Ahhhhh right, just looking at it now, no

Great article. Very well explained. Thanks for the share.