✅ Pots - Sort Order

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Reordering pots has been discussed as something they’re planning to look at in the future

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This has to be near the top now? Its one of the highest voted for…

I’m a lot more interested in this now that I’ve invented a couple of additional pots (for Bills) and the savings minimum has come down from £500.


Is there any update on this? I’d like to see manual sorting, sort alphabetically, and sort by locked status.

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Hey I’ve noticed you can’t rearrange the order of pots in the app. I created a new pot for bills which I’d like at the front of the pot list but I now have to scroll through them all. Suggestion would be to allow them to be rearranged?

Hi Alex. @anon99402360 beat me to it, but this is an existing and popular idea, so you have been merged into this thread. Add your vote above


Please do this soon especially now bill pots are a thing!



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But also… has this been mentioned anywhere else?

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Great about pot sorting!

However - why is the CEO of the company having to tell someone how to navigate the app?! Surely this sort of thing should have been signposted when people first opened the new layout? Or are people supposed to just stumble across it by accident? :expressionless:


Glad to see its happening soon! All of my friends hate the new layout purely because they can’t order pots… it should have been there for launch but at least its coming now…

Looking forward to be able to do this pot sort.
It will help with my bill pot being near the top and savings pots, being less needed, placed at the bottom.

Hopefully the next app update will have it…sorted :roll_eyes:

“We will allow you to reorder pots/cards in the next few weeks.”

:soon: :christmas_tree: :thinking:


Excellent! I was just about to close my savings pot and delete my 9 personal pots to reorder them. I will hold off.

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I know this has been spoken about before going back to a thread in 2018 but I haven’t seen anything newer on a light browse of the threads.

To organise our money better is there anymore news on drag and drop pots feature? This would help us to manage the pots and see exactly how much we have to save and spend. If this option was available I could list my utility bills, car funds and savings.

I would like to say how great this service is and I have offered the service to my family and friends who have now signed up to. Thank you for all your hard work!


I really hope they will being drag and drop feature for pots :honey_pot:. We can shuffle around the pots. Any plans on this @simonb


This isn’t something we’ve planned, but I can certainly raise it with the team.


For the uninitiated, how would that work?