Pots on Android slightly delayed 🍯

(Tristan Thomas) #1

We launched Pots on iOS last Monday, and in the announcement on our blog said Android users could expect them at the start of this week. Unfortunately, there’s been a bit of a delay in bringing them to Android, and Pots will now make it into the Play Store next week. Sorry!

In the interests of transparency, I thought it’d be worth briefly breaking down why.

At Monzo, we use release trains to manage the development of our iOS and Android apps. That means that every other Wednesday, there is a ‘code freeze’. The product is then tested internally and, after we determine that everything’s working well, we push the new release out to a small proportion of users via TestFlight on iOS, and our Beta channel on Android. If bugs are flagged as part of this testing, we work to get them fixed, before we bring the release to 100% of users. @JordanFish is writing a blog post that’ll be up soon too for those interested in the details of this :slight_smile:

Pots didn’t make it into the latest Android release train at the last minute unfortunately, but we’re working hard to make sure they’ll be in the next one. That means they will go out to the Beta channel for testing at the end of this week, before coming to 100% of Android users next week (assuming nothing horrible happens!)

To make it up to you, we’ve also added some new functionality, that wasn’t available in the initial iOS release: you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw custom amounts from pots!

Thanks so much for bearing with us, I promise they’ll be worth the wait! :honey_pot:

Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog :male_detective:
Launching Pots
Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog :male_detective:
Move exact amounts between accounts
Launching Pots
Launching Pots
Launching Pots
Launching Pots
(Frank) #2

So android will be getting custom amounts next week. Do you have an ETA for iOS getting this?

(Daniel Rivers - Proud Current Account Holder) #3

Gutted about the delay, but I’d rather have stable product than something unfinished. :honey_pot:

Love the little sweetener too :slight_smile:


I know many are impatient but I would personally not want to see a rushed and buggy implementation. A week more is not much a wait for a properly tested functionality. :male_detective: :honey_pot:

(Frank) #5

Agreed. Thanks for the update @tristan

(James Wheatley) #6


But totally understand and looking forward to it arriving on the Beta channel.

(Herp Derp) #7

I think this might be more important to people then the delay tbh.

(Naji Esiri) #8

This should be going to Test Flight today so within the week!


I can live with that delay :smile:


Thanks for the update, great transparency :+1: Best to make sure it’s properly tested and great sweetener with the custom amounts! look forward to it coming to the beta channel later in the week :slightly_smiling_face:

(Kavi Dhokia) #11

It’ll be worth the wait! :honey_pot:

While having staggered releases has its pros and cons, it does mean that we get to learn and iterate quickly based on the other platform release. Having custom amounts is a great example of this.

(Caspar) #12

Genuine question - is custom amounts being added because users asked for it, or was the plan to add them all along?

(Tristan Thomas) #13

One for @valerio to confirm, but I imagine a combination!

(Valerio Magliulo) #14

@caspararemi it was on our list for v2, among other nice polishing bits of pots. However, seeing it was high up in the requests from users we decided to bring it forward!

(Daniel White) #15

The new features are already in TestFlight for iOS but still no update to Android BETA so iOS users are going to get the enhanced functionality before Android even gets it first glance of Pots. If you code freeze on a Wednesday that means you implemented the custom deposit and withdraw amounts for iOS last Monday/Tuesday when you should have been focusing all your efforts on getting Android working with Pots.

This post just further demonstrates that Android is at the bottom of Monzo’s pile rather than bringing any faith to the fact that you care about Android users.

(James Wheatley) #16

I think that we (Android users) are still sooooo much better off due to the fact that we have Android Pay and they (iPhone users) still have to wait for Apple Pay. Pots will be a big help to everyone but I would much prefer to wait and have a stable release rather than buggy rushed system.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #17

As an iOS user, I would happily swap pots for Apple Pay

Patience is a virtue, though, for all of us :+1:

(Jolin) #19

I don’t think having the iOS developers drop what they were doing and start coding for Android would have got the Android feature there any faster. :joy:


(Marta) #21

Uhmm, on Brighton meet-up that I attended, they explained that Pots “team” had a developer from each OS, as well as other people across various disciplines. iOS dev and Android dev are not that easily replaceable, you can’t just borrow one to do code from other system :wink: . Dedication of resources seems absolutely fair, but both operating systems have challenges and it’s not copy paste for the code.