Pots for 16-18

Hi. So I added some pots as follows:

Here it says I’ll be charged. Can somebody clarify please?

Only you know if you’ll exceed the limit. I would say it’s very unlikely given you have £200 in a pot.

Can you clarify please? There is a limit after which I am charged? I can’t find a proper pricing structure. Do you have one? I do IT/VPS work for a few clients and will be adding £80 quarterly. (Mates rates, unfortunately, but that’s after VPS bills)

Sorry, I misunderstood what you meant.

Monzo don’t charge you. They get a commission from the savings provider.

“We take a fee from the provider”

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Cheers mate.

Penultimately, is there a way to make my own categories?

And lastly, Monzo need me to reply to them, about updating my name, but it won’t let me:-

Wait until it reopens at 7am, like it says in your screenshot.

Yes, with Monzo Plus, you can create your own categories.

You need Plus/Premium to create your own categories.

I would say a name change isn’t an emergency so just wait for tomorrow, not great that it doesn’t let you reply for it to be picked up tomorrow though.


Understood but as Revels says, it seems rather fair to expect a reply to be picked up tomorrow, which is what I was fishing for. But cheers, nonetheless.

It’s a 16-18 account, I’d be willing to pay out for Monzo Plus, is there a way to do this? Else, it sucks to miss out on other features… I’d love to configure the Open Banking stuff, or IFTTT etc.



Unfortunately our Paid Plans are only available to those over the age of 18 (due to the nature of the paid agreement contract) :pensive: hopefully you don’t have long till then if you’re still interested in Plus/Premium!

What if I was willing to pay you £70 for a Metal Monzo card? I heard that’s how much they cost to replace - @_Tom - hence logical amount? - given that is likely the amount it costs to manufacture.

Hey :wave:

I have checked this out for you an unfortunately we currently dont offer the ability the purchase the metal card it is exclusive to Premium holders.

Can you also perhaps look into the fact I’m severely limited with regard to Account Aggregation via Open Banking, purely based on my age? I do think Monzo should look at what is paywalled in general, since, I’d be willing to pay £3 a month for that, yet I can’t, due to the type of account.

I think monzo plus being age restricted is a bit of a miss. It’s hardly necessary, and likely only exists due to the nature of a minimum term requiring a contractual agreement. The only reason I can fathom for that existing is the monzo plus card.

The next logical step to me is a version without a minimum term to improve the accessibility of Plus. Many of plus’s features are likely to be very helpful to younger folks as they learn financial independence. Students especially.


They could just give us the features for FREE…? Imagine. Ha. £3 a month is reasonable yes… hopefully @_Tom or somebody can get back to us

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately I’m unable to comment on whether there is going to be a change to age requirements for paid plans, mainly because I’m not in the team that deals with it, and I do not know that type of information.

But it is a good suggestion and I’m sure the team will take it on board.

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Totally understand ha, was a bit tongue in cheek that first bit. Tom - I’m going to PM you re. something, please look to get back to me whenever convienient for yourself.

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I go back to the idea for a lower tier. £3pm, no special card, no interest, no minimum term.

What’s not to like?


They’d lose out on £2 a month from a lot of people.

More thinkings / calculations over here:

My instinct is that a lower tier is something that would actually generate more revenue rather than less.

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I think they would lose a huge amount from doing it, which is probably why they don’t.