Error with Monzo Savings Pot Terms - limit now applies to all pots from one provider

Just had a quick search for this but couldn’t see a thread. (Will delete if there is one!)

Just had this email from Monzo describing a change to terms regarding how limits apply to Savings Pots - apparently a previous error described “Limit per pot”, when it should be “Limit per provider”:

Not sure when the mistake was first noticed, or published, but now will be corrected from August.

Some changes to your Savings Pot terms and conditions
Hi Ben,

There are some changes to terms and conditions relating to Savings Pots that you need to know about. As a result of these changes, we’ve updated the summary boxes for Savings Pots. These changes will take effect from 24 August 2020.

How Savings Pots limits work

Money you put in Savings Pots is held by our savings providers. There’s a limit on how much money these providers will hold for each Monzo customer.

We’ve realised we made a mistake in how we describe the maximum amount you can have in your Savings Pots, in our Summary of Terms. We previously said there was a maximum amount of money you could put into each Savings Pot. This wasn’t quite right.

  • This limit actually applies across all of your Pots for each savings provider, whether or not you have money spread across multiple Pots
  • There’s a limit for all personal account Savings Pots you have with each savings provider
  • There is also a separate limit for all joint account Savings Pots you have with each savings provider

For example, if one of our savings providers has a deposit limit of £1,000, then you’ll hit the limit whether you have 1 Pot with £1,000, or 4 Pots with £250 each.

What this means for you

We’ve updated our Summary of Terms to reflect these deposit limits. Because we’re changing the terms and conditions, we have to give you 60 days’ notice. If you want to go above these limits between now and 24 August 2020, please get in touch with us by going to this page on your phone, and pressing the get in touch button at the bottom.

If you reach the maximum deposit limit on your Monzo account with one of our providers, you won’t be able to put any more money into any Savings Pots you have with that provider. This also means that roundups to any Pots powered by that provider will stop working.

You can save a copy of the summary box when opening a Savings Pot by clicking the “Save” button in the top right corner.



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dang and I had 2 mil to put in my Charter savings pot - seriously though how can anybody write the following two sentences and not think …hmmmm that doesnt sound right and query it with someone

Im still confused , if I had a joint account, half of that pot is mine, so in theory I could have 375K in savings pots that I have a financial control over with Investec , so £250K across all your savings pots ???


No email here. I presume it’s only been sent to those who have savings pots?

I don’t think they all have a maximum savings limit

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I can only wish to reach these levels of savings.


I guess it means per current account, so you can have 250k in one, and jointly have 250k in the other? As both holders have equal liability etc, that makes the most sense?

Although I just tried to find the max amount for my pits EDIT:pots… and I can’t seem to see it anywhere.

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its in the summary of Terms at the bottom of each account

They admit to their £500k error so to me it reads £250k in both.

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me too but thats not what the first sentence says to me:-)

Frankly, after the news that I can’t have my 10 pots all with £250k in I’m seriously distraught…!


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