16-17 account - Open Banking API / "Full Monzo" Limits

I note that with Monzo Plus you can gain virtual cards and such, even add your Barclays to your Monzo for example.


At 16-17 you are ineligible for Monzo Plus

I first thought, insurance. Alas, there are no insurance products.

I’m guessing it is because Monzo know it wouldn’t be a big hit if they were seen upselling to teens with lower income sources if any.

Still, what if I wanna use Open Banking to link Barclays?

Also, to be classed as ‘Full Monzo’ to gain heightened limits, you’ve to pay in £350 a month and have 1 direct debit. I do have one direct debit, I certainly don’t pay in £350 a month so what happens in regard to limits when I open that account?

Merlin “Xenoid” Wizard

If you don’t put in £350, you’re not going to worry about the fees on taking out more than £250 in cash.

And then as long as you don’t keep losing the cards then none of it makes any difference to you.


I think the conditions on the more-generous allowances might also not apply to 16-18 accounts?

You would have to check though.

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I think it’ll probably be because some of the deals (insurance, breakdown cover, etc) aren’t actually available to 16 and 17 year olds.

I know it a pain (I’ve thought about getting Plus/Premium too and blocked by the same thing).

Isn’t it because you need to be 18 for a contact to be legally binding and both plus and premium have minimum terms

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Have you been able to do this via other account aggregators?

(I’m interested if under 18 accounts are actually accessible via open banking)

Yes - they are. Santander, Lloyds, Barclays I have tested with Emma and Yolt.


My youngest sibling is 17 and banks with Monzo. The new fees and limits introduced for folks who they define as not using Monzo as their primary account are unaffected.

Monzo understand those who are under 18 aren’t likely to have a recognisable income or a direct debit that will allow them to meet the requirements of being “Full Monzo”, so you’ll be fine!


I thought I remembered reading something to that effect at the time of the announcement, it’s good to have it confirmed!


Nice to hear from you again - Tom!

This is good to know as from time to time I do withdraw over £350 though only every other year-ish.

I thought they would, though I can meet the Direct Debit criteria for my phone bill with O2.

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Indeed. I saw on your profile that you allude to Cheque Imaging, are Monzo considering this or simply just the community dreaming of it?

It’s a bit off topic, but there is a long history to their plans in this area.

Originally, Monzo did plan to support cheque imaging. They publicly announced this here on the community and, I think, in a blog post - but it was made clear that they would only develop support for it once the Monzo current account had launched (at the time, this hadn’t happened and Monzo was a beta prepaid card).

It had been decided that cheque imaging was a fairly low-priority feature, so other new features were prioritised for development. Monzo realised that the window they had planned to launch in couldn’t be met, so they delayed the launch (to support cheque imaging, you have to join the ICS, which is the scheme that processes cheques, and you can only join at two dates during the year). Monzo realised that the original date they had been targeting was too optimistic, and publicity announced that delay, admitting that they also were not yet ready to commit to a new date. Most people therefore expected a delay of around a year.

During that time, other features gradually took priority and eventually Monzo reassessed whether it was worth developing support at all. They decided to cancel plans for cheque imaging indefinitely.

Some people on the community, including me, think this was a mistake and they should offer support for cheque imaging now that it’s becoming a standard feature at most other banks. Others argue that cheques themselves are outdated and Monzo shouldn’t waste time and money developing support for them.

So far, that’s the current situation and there has been no formal update from Monzo for a while (we assume this is because they haven’t changed their minds). In the meantime, I’d recommend using another bank for cheques (and also if you need to pay in cash).