Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯


I deleted my coin jar pot (couldn’t cope with looking at the feed), but it’s still showing under “summary”.

It says it has £1 in it - is this a known issue?

(Liam) #245

@zancler talked about this in his Q&A :slight_smile:

(Adam Kendrew) #246

The ability to schedule payments into pots is on the latest TestFlight :tada::


Yes you right just checked it’s there on my iOS res flight app version thanks.


Aw unspalsh integration would be perfect if possible! I use their app for my wallpapers :slight_smile:

(Adam Kendrew) #249

Or maybe just let us upload our own pictures? :eyes:

(MikeF) #250

It’s telling you the net transfer amount for the current month for the pot. I imagine it’s saying you took £1 out of it (used to be indicated in green) overall since it no longer exists!

As such, it’s not an issue, that’s the way it’s supposed to work.


Cs got back to me and said it would disappear when the new summary period started.

The £1 doesn’t even make sense, because when you go into it, it shows £6.70 withdrawn (which was when I closed the pot).

Not a major issue, but I think that when you close the coin jar, it should remove it all together.

(MikeF) #252

Yeah, it can’t do that since the closing transaction will affect the months figures so needs to be shown somewhere.

Was there no other coin jar activity in the month?


I turned it on for a week… got fed up with the feed being spammed by coin jar… then deleted the pot.

I genuinely have no idea where the £1 came from lol.

(Beta User) #254

I’m running 2.6.0 and recently noticed the balance on my Pots has gone to a bolder bold. Its more bold than my regular balance. Looks weird and out of place

(Toby Toller) #255

It suprised me, but it’s already growing on me, quite like it now.


Does this version have the pot goals in it?

(Lewis King) #257


(Jack) #258

I dislike the bold too. I find my app has the numbers non bold but they update as I scroll thorough the pots which is even stranger. Also the card balance isn’t bold for me, only pots?

(Lewis King) #259

Has there been any thought on being able to tag movements TO pots into categories? I move all my credit card payments into a pot ready to pay at the end of the month and would love to still see my category spending in Summary.

(Toby Toller) #260

Why is scheduled payments into Pots limited to daily, weekly, monthly?

My only friction with using Monzo is that it doesn’t cater for non-monthly pay days, such as 4 weeks and I wish there was more of a list like this to choose from:

For pots it’s no huge deal, I have an IFTTT work around, but it feels like the more things introduced which don’t cater for other dates, the further away that is from changing :pensive:

(Beta User) #261

Nope, not yet. Goal will be coming to Labs soon I think


Yeah I was hoping it might be in TestFlight already but it’s provably hidden behind a feature flag this now


I struggled to se the benefit of “goals”for pots.

It’s what Nationwide has, and I just don’t get it.

Can someone give me a real world example where it would be beneficial?