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Any thing being considered to expand the current selection of pots default images, or allow us to use our own.


This can be done via IFTTT - you can set the trigger as being a transaction with a specific merchant and have the transaction amount be withdrawn from a pot after the transaction has gone through (so the amount would come out of your main balance, but then the same amount would be withdrawn from the pot to cover it. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

Trigger: “If any card purchase at a merchant” - for this, enter the name of the merchant as it appears in your feed

Action: “Move money out of a pot” Select the pot you want the money to come out of (Note: don’t change the name or delete the pot, this can break the applet) and for the amount, tap on the field and a little floating button that says “Add Ingredient” should pop up. From these options, you want to pick “AmountInAccountCurrency”, which will then make the amount of the transaction be taken from the pot you’ve specified.

Hope this helps :yum:

(Scott Griffin) #226

Amazing!! Thanks!

(Newyork29) #227

Not sure if this is me missing something or not.

I have set up one applet through IFFT to save £1 a day to my raining day pot but I like to activate another one to save the same amount to a different pot for holidays.

Is it possible to activate the same applet to a different pot?

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I think you would end up with two applets - just enable your pot on the app then set up your IFTTT and you should get the choice of pots to transfer it to - you would end up with two applets running as they have different details rather than one - the only difference being the pot destination ??? :slight_smile:

(Graham - Mental health professional) #229

I did the same sort of thing, but couldn’t avoid using two applets.


Is it hard to set up?

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if I can do it - most will be able to :slight_smile:

from the blog post about it -

(Graham - Mental health professional) #232

I’ve seen a number of posts in IFTTT threads where simple examples have been spelled out in a simple form.

And I’m not the sharpest tool in the box, by any means…

(Stuart) #233

Now that we can have recurring payments into Pots from inside the monzo app, does anyone know what time of day these transfers happen?

Basically I want to set up 10 transfers to my 10 pots on payday, if these transfers happen at 8am that’s fine, my pay usually lands in my account between 1am and 6am. But if they happen at 00:01 it will be before my pay has been processed and l I imagine they will fail due to lack of funds in the account.

(Stuart) #234

So I tested this myself with a scheduled payment of 1p into my coin jar. It happened at 03:09 this morning so I’ve changed all of my scheduled transfers to take place the day after pay day just to make sure that they will be successful.

(Paul) #235

I think :monzo: tends to do it’s batch processing about 3ish in the morning. Certainly that’s when I see things like direct debits and standing orders going out Would make sense standing pot orders would be part of the same thing.

(Jack) #236

it’s been confirmed that credits to your account are processed around 1am and debits around 2am.

(sam berry) #237

Few ideas for pots I know some are already being put into place;

  • Automatic payments into pots daily/weekly/monthly
  • Text-based percentage on how close you are to a pot goal e.g. 80% of the way
  • Roundup payments to the nearest pound go into pots


The third has been around for months but is being integrated with the new pots function with a toggle.
In the meantime just create a pot called Coin Jar
Your first suggestion is on the TestFlight version I believe but is still feature flagged so we’ll have it soon

(Jack) #239

Pot goals :face_with_monocle:

(Adam Robertson) #240

Well aren’t you in for a treat.



Is there a way we can upload a custom image for our pots?

For example if I’m going to New York to be able to add a nice photo of the Empire State to the pot, makes it easy to identify if you have multiple?

Just a thought!

(Andy) #242

I believe its in the works! There’s been some mock-ups of changes to pots and they hint at custom images! :crossed_fingers:

(Chinedu Umeh) #243

With scheduled payments to pots could a change be made so that you’re able schedule a large amount to be deposited even if you don’t current have that amount in your main balance?