Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯

(Andy) #264

For me it’s more a reminder than a goal - so I know I need £x for the car by September and I need £x for next years holiday and £x to pay off the TV


Did it give a date for the goal?

(Is Santa here yet?) #266

The progress bar is a good motivational tool

(Colin Robinson) #267

Instead of having many options to choose from could this be condensed down to 2 with variables?

Every X days/weeks/months/years
X times a day/week/month/year

X times a day is probably not required but you get the idea :grinning:

(Andy) #268

Do you mean for it going in labs or a date to achieve the goals?

Doesn’t have a goal date from the demo but it’s to be in labs soon


Sorry, it’s that when you said “by September”, I wasn’t sure if you could assign a date to a goal (Save £X by X).

I guess if it’s useful for some people then great, and if you don’t need to add a goal, then it works for both sets of people!

It’s not a feature I’ll ever use though!

(Andy) #270

No sorry I just meant from using other banking apps with goals!

(Toby Toller) #271

Totally agree - wasn’t saying they should use that list, variables would me much better. Ultimately I struggle to see what stops this being possible at the moment.

(Jack) #272

Good idea. Hopefully they take that onboard during labs feedback


Why does iOS Pots scroll horizontally and Android vertically? Just curious.

(MikeF) #274

I think they just found a better way to do it when developing for Android. There is a post around here somewhere…


If you could have the ability to make a standing order, direct debit, or even a normal subscription via a recurring card payment go out of a shared pot, that’d be super useful for shared payments like rent or Netflix.


Is there a reason why I can’t move money from one pot to another? Transferred my savings into one pot without thinking and then decided I wanted to ringfence that money for a different aim.

The only way that I could see to do this was to transfer money to main account and then to the new pot which messed up the summary at the top and clutters the spending feed.

(MikeF) #277

The only reason I can give is ‘because the app doesn’t support it’.

(Michael Oliver) #278

I really would really like to see a locked pot. Where you can lock it from withdrawals for a set amount of time.


Hopefully sometime soon. Would reduce transaction spam in the feed fo sure.

(Harry) #280

I’d really like to see a transaction history / feed view for pots.

A list of any transactions with money that’s gone in manually or because of the coin jar. And also seeing when I’ve taken money out just like the main account feed.

(Is Santa here yet?) #281

Go to the summary page and tap on the pot you want. Shows withdrawals and additions

(Colin Robinson) #282

Only works for This Month?

(Is Santa here yet?) #283

You’d have to look at last months summary for those details. Not a perfect solution but it’s something for those who need it