Pots - Extract QIF / CSV

I love using Monzo and I am doing a full to Monzo shift at this point. I have started to use the pots, which are great, however, in statements extracts from the account, it does show the transfer from current account to pot, but there is no way to extract the pot info. Can this be added as part of a future version.
Use-case is, I have a budget tool that understands CSV and QIF, for now I have to extract the statements from Monzo vs. connect the two via APIs, and the pots are “on the side” accounts which I would want to have the possibility to extract the history of transactions for.
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At the bottom of Summary there’s and export to csv and qif. These do include pot transfers.

Yes the transfers to the pots are present but I can’t export the transactions of one pot individually and treat the pot as an account.

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