CSV export πŸ“€ improvements: details of 🍯 pot transactions & 🏦 bank transfers

When exporting :outbox_tray: a CSV file of my transactions from Monzo :receipt:, items for transfers to/from pots :honey_pot: just show the transaction ID, date, amount, and category. There is no description or notes to show what the transaction is for. Any chance this could be improved :new: so that pots transfers show the name of the pot the transfer relates to?

Related to this, the transaction for buying Monzo shares yesterday also has no details, though I don’t imagine this will be a regular occurrence. :grin:

The other CSV improvement which would be helpful, is for bank transfers :bank:, both in and out :left_right_arrow:. While these at least show the name in the description column, there is no info on what bank account :closed_lock_with_key: it’s from/to (e.g. for people with multiple accounts). Could this info be populated in the address column? :email:


Also, when exporting joint account transactions it doesn’t show who’s transaction it was.

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