Pots endpoints broken?


It seems the pots withdrawal endpoint is broken, I tested on the dev playground too, and got the same error.

Error being brought back is:

code: ‘bad_request.insufficient_funds’,
message: “You can’t withdraw more than your current pot balance”

I am trying to withdraw 4000 pence from the pot, and I checked the pot balance from the API and my app, both correctly state the pot has £40/4000p in it. Not sure what’s going on as the code in place has worked for years, but suddenly has stopped working.


Edit: Looks like deposit is also broken, saying that I have only £1 available to deposit, which again isnt the case.

Figured this one out! When I was setting the dedupe_id to the pot ID, it was breaking something on the API, substringing 0,4 to remove the “pot_” from the dedupe ID made everything happy again. I’m guessing there could be a problem with the “_”? Anyway this is resolved