✅ Pot name overlapping balance

Issue: it’s just a visual issue but a bit annoying… :grimacing: in list view, long pot names overlap the balance now

Details to reproduce:
Device: iphone 8
App Version: 3.31.0 #631



I have shared this feedback with monzo using test Flight as i found this also annoying also. Hopefully it will be picked up soon.

Same bug for me.

IPhone X 13.3.1
App version 3.31.0 #631

Same here

On android, the excess characters are replaced with dot dot dot …

I’ve had a look and can confirm that this has been fixed in the next iOS update (3.32.0) to follow the expected behaviour with the excess characters from that screen to be replaced with the “…” :smile:

(not my actual account but I wish :wink:)


This has been happening for me on the main view and persisted even after installing the latest update IMG_8916.PNG

iPhone IOS 10.3.3

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Urgh!! :zipper_mouth_face: