Pot IOUs

I did a search and couldn’t find anything on this which I was surprised at so here we go…

What about an ‘I owe you’ for a pot, so rather than withdraw, you borrow.

An example of this something I’ve literally just done…

This month I’ve taken withdrawn some money from one of my savings pots to get us to pay day, I would be a great if there was an option to borrow from a pot and automate it being taken back on a certain date.

So as an example, I click ‘Borrow from Pot’, choose how much and then it asks when do you want us take it back, and I click Friday. Friday comes and the moneys moved back from my account to the pot.

You could do it just by remembering, i get that, just thought it might be a cool idea, especially if you don’t want to use overdrafts

Or by setting up a scheduled pot deposit that doesn’t repeat :slight_smile:


I genuinely thought there has to be an easy and logical way to do it. My brain went blank and just wouldn’t work.

Post a thread, now look like a muppet :rofl:

God dammit! I knew there was a simple way to do it, now i feel stupid


Haha don’t feel bad, there is no such thing as a stupid idea :slight_smile:

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For what its worth I think it would be nice to have a quick button that sets it up for you when you withdraw the money. I like the idea!


Could just turn it into a cat thread…

Not a stupid idea at all. If Monzo can add a quick/direct way to set up this schedule payment it’d be useful.

“We see you’ve withdrawn from a Savings Pot, do you want to schedule a deposit for the same amount in the future?” (Yes, select date, done).

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Very interesting idea. This could be done by adding a screen after you withdraw from a pot; “Want a reminder to put this money back?” kind of thing.


It’s a good idea; think I’d prefer it as a toggle similar to the scheduled deposit toggle.


I think a similar idea has 12 votes here: Borrow money from Pot