Monzo Shares in a Pot

I would like to see my Monzo Shares in a Pot !


Interesting; I’m a big fan of how the transaction screen has been put together for the shares. What other functionality do you envision from it being displayed in a pot?

Great idea!

Agree! This would be a nice touch!! :+1:

Agree on keep track on it, gives a sense of ownership.

Not that there’s anything to track!

It would be a static display but I’d like to see it.


Haha me too, it is completely pointless but I want it.

Perhaps it could be interesting to see the “current value” of purchased shares?

Obviously you won’t be able to liquidate them - but it would give a sense of pride in investment choice :slight_smile:

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There is no “current value”. All you’ll see is a static value (purchase price) until another funding round sets a new price.

Since there’s no market in these shares, there’s no mechanism to assess their value.


But I think they mean the pot would update with the new price for the shares everytime there’s a new one. It’d tell you to total worth of all the shares you have, but with the value of the latest crowdfunding. Would be extra helpful for the crowdfunders that have invested at each opportunity - a place to see a total worth of all their shares combined (and how much they spent on them maybe, too)


That’s exactly what I had in mind :wink:

It would be pointless for now (other than to recall how much I spent on the shares) but it could be very interesting to see the growth in value of my shares after future investments (or if Monzo ever opened their shares to the public)

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… and encouragement? :wink:

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OK, I’d be up for that. (I’m doing it anyway as a line item in my money software)


I’ve got a tracking account set up in YNAB just for this too :wink:


Any plans to integrate a section in the app for those who have Invested?

Show No. of Shared Held.
Share Value etc.
Total Value etc…

Would be nice to visually see this within the app.


I think the number of shares would Ben better placed in the Account tab after clicking on the profile at the top.

Would definitely be a nice touch to see them in the app (as well as in the investment transaction).

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Monzo could simply create a “Market” for its stock where investors (including employees and VCs etc) could buy and sell the stock - which would Value the Company prior to issuance of any new shares or an IPO or sale !

To what benefit to Monzo? That would be strictly unnecessary spending in many people’s view I suspect (assuming there would be no legal hurdles which I don’t know enough to comment on).

I was thinking they’d need brokerage permissions to do that but as it’s pre IPO I’m not sure

I don’t think it would be unnecessary spending

It would be a lot cheaper than getting an investment bank to value the stock

And it would be a true a fair value as The Monzo Market Price would value the stock simple buy matching bids and offers

Technical simple stuff

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