Pot for lunch/ coffee

I always overspend on lunch and buying coffee. Is there a way you could make specific pots to track this and look at the budget?

Suppose you could make a pot for it. Say you want to spend £100 a month in total on lunch/coffee… schedule so that £25 is transferred to your current account each week as your allowance. That way, you’ll never overspend?

Maybe use the categorising tool for marking those payments as food or something and review at the end of the month?

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Think the only way would be to tag #coffee everytime you have one. Then use the search function to find them.


I started adding tags #lunch and #coffee to those transactions for a couple of weeks (my spending patterns are pretty static for these things) and then searched for each tag. Easily see how much you spend on either/both.


It sounds like you want to create budget categories for Lunch and for Coffee. You can vote for custom categories here: