Split category for eating out


As a worker I would love for there to be a category for lunches and a category for “eating out” which I personally see more as dinner etc! Or if within eating out I could just see lunches - as I work I would like be to see how much I am spending on lunches in the week/month as it can easily get out of hand! And being in the eating out category it is hard to differentiate


To expand out on this I believe it would be nice to make your own categories so that you can categorise transactions to how you like and not the set 7 there currently are. I quite often spend money and I don’t see a Catagory that really fits for it so I have to just set to General :frowning:


After using the app for a week now I agree. I want to break my categories down further - I want to know how much I spend on coffee, on lunches, on breakfasts, on alcohol.

This kind of data can really help with budgeting.

This has been asked for so many times but it can’t hurt to keep on doing so until the number of categories expand to provide meaningful analysis and certainly the ability to create a few custom categories (say 3 to 5) for each user …

I would certainly like to see the following:
Home Furnishings
Charity Donations

Perhaps a poll amongst users to make sure the most wanted are added asap?


I’ve been using the app for a few weeks - and I really love it! However, more disaggregation on the eating out category would make the spending analysis a lot more helpful for me. In particular, I’d love to be able to see how much I’m spending on coffees while I’m working from coffee shops (probably far too much), and how much I spend on alcohol on evenings out. I think that being able to set your own categories would be ideal.

In addition (and sorry if this is the wrong thread for this!) it would be great to have a category for pharmacy, or health & beauty or something like that.



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