Possible to resend an invoice?

Is it possible to resend an invoice? Or send a reminder? I’m sure there’s a way but I can’t find it…

My client didn’t see the invoice come in and now can’t find it so has asked for me to resend but I can’t see a way to do this in Monzo? Surely it’s possible right?

Would also be good to see an automated reminder email go out when an invoice is late being paid, I don’t like chasing personally and prefer it when they can clearly see it’s an automated email lol.

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Not sure - but the app did an update just a few days ago for invoicing. Ive asked Monzo why not videos - images - documents for the changes and business side of things and they said it’s something they are considering !!! I said great, so people might actually join if they see what they getting!

Not impressed with Monzo so far! Not sure I’ll go for the business account. Mettle is the best at the moment with totally free and free accounts software.