Possible sony Playstation phishing email?

I have never owned, nor intend to own a Sony Playstation.

I have this afternoon received an email purporting to be from Sony Playstation thanking me for opening my account and asking me to verify my email address.

No other request for information and then at the bottom, an ‘If this wasn’t you’ click here button, which needless to say, I didn’t respond to.

Ran the header through Google Security checks and it appears genuine.

The official Sony website recommends contacting them if emails like this are received

I have wasted half an hour trying to get past a bot (sorry, ‘agent’) on the Sony website, which persists in asking me for an Online ID which I don’t have!

I’ve changed my email password and have checked my various accounts, which show nothing untoward at the moment.

The email has been logged as Spam. What troubles me slightly is that the email itself could have been genuine and someone is trying on some sort of identity theft.

I don’t know that there’s much else I could do.

Has anyone else received emails like this at any time?

Thanks for reading!

Could just be someone mistyped your email instead of their own.

You’ve gone to far more effort than I ever would have!



Could well be … that’s the one thing that didn’t cross my mind.

Did it actually show your true email address in the To field?

I get many phishing emails, normally to junk, where my email address is not actually visible. Almost as if an infinite Bcc list of recipients :man_shrugging:

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Yes, it came specifically to my email address.

That’s all you need to do really.

If the email was asking you verify the email address and you didn’t click the link, whoever opened the account can’t go any further.




No problem :slight_smile:

Are there any additional security measures or precautions I can take to prevent falling victim to a Sony PlayStation phishing email.?

Don’t click any links in the email. Check it’s a legit email from Sony by tapping the email address it sent from.

Believe it looks like this for the genuine email.

Or this for PlayStation

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