Email address is this real or not

Hi does anyone know if this is a real email address that you get emails of Monzo on please

I have been a victim of fraud and received a message saying due to security please login to your stripped back version of monzo

Then I got a email plus a photo Screenshot_20190408_205406

@monzomail is a real one they use

I think that’s a special link to your account so remove it ASAP

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That sounds super dodgy. Don’t click on it. Maybe call Monzo?

These things can be spoofed easily - so don’t rely on what the email address seems to be.

@simonb - help required, I think!


I haven’t clicked on nowt,

I was worried about the first bits to the mail

How do I remove it

What do you mean Web client?

Sorry for the questions first it started with this coming up Screenshot_20190408-211525

Is this real

I understand I have been a victim of fraud and I have been chatting to the disputes team for the past few days giving them police crime ref number and details and answered there’s questions.

Last message i got was
“thanks for your patience we are still looking into this for you etc etc”

Then I was in the forum but not logged in and it suddenly came up on my screen

How did it come up? This is monzos web access site. You’ve clicked on it somewhere by the looks of it. I assume you put your email in? In that case you got the email link monzo would have sent to let you in.

I assume this is in relation to something else.

You’re best speaking to monzo so they can get the right info from you to understand what you have and haven’t clicked on and where.

Go direct to instead of the link. It looks totally legit (obviously I can only see the screenshots) but just to be on the safe side type it in yourself



Thanks for checking. Always better to be on the safe side.

So, is a legitimate site. It’s a web-based version of Monzo usually used when people have lost their phone. It shows some basic details of your account such as your most recent transactions and balance.

The email you’re talking about should only come to you if you have specifically attempted to log-in to either the web version of Monzo or the app itself. If you have not tried to login to Monzo, you should not receive an email like that.

Hope that helps.

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I didn’t click on any think as I said I was looking though this forum but was not logged in to this forum just a general look around fraud and what else I can do to protect myself so I was looking for forum topics on that and it just popped up on my screen.

I didn’t click on in as I thought it was strange so then I thought I would ask in the forum and register but when I put my email address in and put my username in etc it said I was already registered but I didn’t realise I was so I clicked the forgot password on this forum and received a email forgot password (Well got two emails with forgotten password then I reset my password even though I didn’t relise I was already on this forum then I received a email from that picture I just posted that I put up with the first post I posted

If that all makes sense

Thank you @simonb for your reply but I never tried to log onto my account the last time I did was a couple of hours ago to carry on speaking about the fraud that’s happened and I don’t know any think about the web based version or even if there was one.

I was looking on this site not logged in as I didn’t relise I was already a member of this forum tbh and looking though any body that had gone though fraud and also about the fantastic checks you make for people not to be a victim of fraud so that was I was doing.


So I can click safely on the link that has been provided

since you didn’t try and log in it sounds like someone else might have. Without knowing what kind of fraud it was, have you changed your email password and secured it with 2 factor authorisation?

This forum is irrelevant as it’s not linked to your actual bank account.

You don’t need the link. Once you’re sure your email is secure just go to as that’s where it was linking you to

IIRC the weird number at the front is a Nonce to prevent Cyber issues from the side of the helpdesk
Here’s the Github issue explaining it rather well + an article of why its important:

Thank you everyone

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It’s fine I k ow why this has happened it’s due to the fraud I reported.
Monzo are going though there checks as they should though mechanised computer servers that export API to export key reports to your monzos internal dashboard tools and also when people use products apps playstore for messages everything your phone can tell them anonymously, from different platforms, and sign in and out of yours or (my accounts) it becomes complicated to track all that activity and associate it to the same, correct user, retroactively.

That’s what Mixpanel is built to handle,

I get the picture of it and why they are looking to protect them self’s

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Unfortunate name in British English


So are a lot of words without context( I should be specifying

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