Popcorn Time

Is this legit and does it work on linux ?
I’m asking for a family member, not myself

What are your experiences and thoughts on it


What does work is buying the film - I’d stay away from that app/website

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I wouldn’t ever class it as legit as it’s torrent based. Put it this way… i’d never install it on my PC/laptop as it advertises your I.P.

I do know people who use it still.

Yeah I sub to sky cinema uhd and get all my stuff via there.
Like I said im asking for someone else :slight_smile:

Yea, that’s what I mean - tell them to pay for the movies/tv shows

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Wouldn’t recommend these kind of apps.

For example after showbox app got shut down immediately there were forks made with malware, spyware and adware.

It’s 2019 films are cheap and easy to purchase.

Tell your “mate” to stop stealing


While I don’t condone ‘piracy’, buying films legally is still a very very sad state of affairs even in 2019. And TV shows are even worse.

First off films. Did you know that films you ‘buy’ on iTunes can be revoked and removed at any time?

Read this: https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2018/09/13/apple-is-deleting-bought-films-from-itunes-accounts-and-dont-expect-a-refund/#1ed3fd365f74

And it’s follow up article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2018/09/17/apple-responds-to-disappearing-itunes-movie-purchases-issue/#7261290f72b6

Essentially, unless you physically download the film to your device, it can vanish from your library at any given moment. So if Apple loses the licence to sell a film, you lose the film. Unless you’ve downloaded it. Which you can’t do on Apple TV. Or with any 4K films (you can download in HD only)

And then TV Shows. Take this for example. Picked at random, GOT series 2:

To buy on iTunes: £23.99
To buy on Amazon prime video (streaming): £23.49
To buy on DVD on Amazon brand new: £12

Why does streaming cost pretty much 100% more? Especially when streaming requires no physical materials/manufacturing/shipping/packing. It’s ludicrous.

Theft is wrong, yes. But let’s remember that theft changed the music industry for the better. There would never have been Spotify without Napster…the music industry wasn’t at all interested in changing from CD sales until piracy forced them to change.

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I work in the film industry

Streaming requires a massive infrastructure and data, mass production DVD is probably cheaper

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Also streaming services don’t set the price, the film companies do.

Oh yes, both of those issues are the fault of the film companies and not the streaming services. I know it costs money for infrastructure, but in the case of amazon, they know infrastructure. They run half the internet. Even Monzo runs on Amazons servers. If anyone could do it cheap, it’s them. And also you’re most likely already paying them for a base service (prime, which includes prime video) so if they offered a discount to prime members it would make more sense. And I’m sure they would if they could. But as you say, they don’t set the price. It’s currently a cash cow for the film industry. The film companies think you should pay more for the convenience.

And the issue with films disappearing really bugs me. I most often watch films in the cinema these days, and sometimes i’ll want to purchase films I really love and think I will watch again. I don’t have a DVD or Blu-ray player and even if I did I hate dvd’s cluttering up the place. So my only option is digital. I think a tenner is a fair price for a film, even digital, But I worry i’ll go to watch it someday and it won’t be there. And why? Because of the way the film industry licences its content. It’s a broken system.