Is Now TV Secure?

(Simmy) #1

I was reluctant to use my Monzo card for now TV because i heard ticketmaster had some issues where details were leaked.
Are my details safe with NowTV ?


(Valeri) #2

As far as I am aware Now TV is owned by Sky not Ticketmaster…


There’s not a lot you can do about it, just ensure sites are secure and keep an eye on any transactions. No reason to think Now TV is any less or more secure than any other site.


If extra nervous get a virtual card you can top up via your monzo for your online transactions

But that’s next level+10 :slight_smile: and pretty much not required these days :slight_smile:

(Simmy) #5

Fair enough, will give it a go anyway as the website is secure.

Anybody else sub to NowTV here, any problems ? Thanks

(Kevyn) #6

I use Now TV all the time but I pay through the iTunes Store. Less issues with bank details going missing with Apple (hopefully).

(Jack) #7

Out of interest why would you think it was unsafe?
A data leak similar to ticketmaster could happen to any merchant: Tesco, Amazon, your local cinema etc.

Just trying to figure out why nowTV would be a specific issue?

(Simmy) #8

Basically because i heard what happened to ticketmaster and wanted to check the same couldn’t happen to NowTV, call it paranoia as i used to have schizophrenia but i just like to be cautious and safe rather than sorry

(Jack) #9

That makes sense :slight_smile:

Unfortunately a data leak can happen to anyone :disappointed:. You just have to put your trust in who you believe will keep your details safe and hope they don’t have sloppy security! :sweat_smile:

(Simmy) #10

I know right, it sucks that in this day and age we have to worry about scam artists but all we can do I suppose is make sure the site is padlocked/secure, run a malware/antivirus regularly and keep the computer/mac updated


Luckily with Monzo you’ll see very quickly if somebody has used your card details elsewhere and can just freeze your card.

I’ve been using NowTV for a few years with no strange transactions so it’s been safe so far :sunglasses:


I’m a Now TV subscriber, no issues with my details being leaked.

A strong password helps.


a breach can happen with any of these companies, however since your alerted almost instantly with any payments made with your Monzo card you can take actions more quickly

(Uatu) #15

I have been made aware that the internet subscription television service known as “NOW TV” is as secure as any other reputable internet service.

I am not so sure about the morals of the parent company however.



Verbally told or read it somewhere? If you read it somewhere do you have a link to the source?

(Uatu) #17

I hear the voices and see the reaction of other customers of the internet television service.

No data breach has been identified thus far which makes them as secure as any other internet company.

HTTPS:// also helps them as I understand it.


(Andre Borie) #18

I am not so sure about the morals of the parent company however.

Why are they bad?

(Ben Talbot) #19

Owned by Sky, which is owned by Fox, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch…


I wonder what would happen to Now TV if/when Sky is sold, would it be sold with Sky.

(Valeri) #21

Probably be extended - both Disney & Comcast want to buy Sky to boost portfolio to compete against Netflix.

I think they also see the future into streaming so NowTV is probably going to become the flagship product a bit by bit…