Are digital movie "purchase" prices going up?

I couldn’t help but notice that The Secrets of Dumbledore is up on pre-order on iTunes for £19.99. One penny shy of twenty quid! Yet, I’ve just bought the latest Batman on iTunes for £13.99. What the heck are Warner Bros. playing at?

Now,I like the Harry Potter franchise (I spent 6 years of my life working on it), but for flippin’ sake, I don’t want to pay £20 for something that usually costs £13.99 tops.

How does the pre-order work? Do you get to watch before others that pay a smaller cost or exactly the same as tapping buy on the day of release?

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As far as I know, they just charge you on the day the movie is released for purchase at whatever the cost is shown. There is no benefit other than the purchase is entirely automatic.

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:exploding_head: cost less to go the cinema.


I looked at the Batman price to rent on Apple TV recently and it was £15.99, I think. I suspect that those who want to watch films early get gouged by all the studios.

True. Until you buy popcorn and a coke. A single ‘large’ popcorn is enough to feed 3 families and the coke could clean all of the Shard’s windows in one application. All for the price of a second mortgage. The last time we did a full family cinema trip (2 adults, 2 teenage’ish kids) it cost an eye-watering £58

EDIT: but to add context, it was Bond, and the first time we were really able to watch the big screen properly.


Anything on Disney+ you’re just paying for the privilege to watch it earlier at the comfort of your home instead of going to the cinema.

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I pay less than that for unlimited cinema each month!

(And I got to see this film in the cinema earlier - just doesn’t make sense).


Generally I don’t find this too much. If I go with my partner we get a large popcorn and coke to share for like £7 or something. I don’t mind paying £3.50 for that (we rarely finish the popcorn).


You can bring your own popcorn!


having seen that movie I definitely would not pay £20 to watch it.

Even a love of the potter franchise couldn’t pull me around to that one.

Because people pay it that’s why, wouldn’t be seen dead myself paying anything near that for a film.

ha ha and to think i refused to pay 3.50 for jason goes to hell the other night lol

I agree. All part of the experience, though there are only two of us and it’s cheaper than a night out on the town :sweat_smile:

Always get a hotdog, we share a large drink and a large popcorn, and I’m guaranteed to spill it on the floor

:scream: :money_with_wings:

No idea why it’s £20, and it’s not even in 4K HRD!

But the solution is to not to buy it and send a message.

I’d say that digital movie prices aren’t going up. They’ve rock steady at £14 for brand new releases for donkey’s years, and it’s never long before they’re heavily discounted.

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much better with a tango ice blast :smiley:

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Works out about £20 or so, that’s just the spillage. :joy:

Eee no, full fat coke all the way.

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Now available for purchase. Still £19.99 and in HD only. Greedy Warners.

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