Channel 4+ ad free

Anyone on here use Ch4+ ad free? I’m trying to establish if it’s worth it. R-

Well, how many ads do you have to sit through on All 4 now, and do you want to pay £4 a month to stop them?

Not sure how others can help you make that decision?


ITV do the same thing. My strategy is to treat it like other streaming services that I essentially only sign up to once one show then never use it again, like Now TV.

With ITV hub, I’ll subscribe when any of the shows I watch pop up in my up next in the Apple TV app then cancel it when they finish.

I’d do the same with Channel 4 given the option, but there’s nothing on there for me. Unless that hunted show is still a thing? Used to enjoy that. Derren Brown too, his shows are always great! I just don’t have the patience for ads, and I rarely sit through an entire show in one sitting. So I’d always pay a small fee to remove them.


It’s worth it for me.

There’s no contract, so you can suck it and see, but you might still see some ads, depending which programmes you watch for “contractual reasons.” It’s nearly always just the show’s sponsor; Arnold Clarke for the films, for example.

If nothing else, it will save you 15 minutes per hour.


If you haven’t got Sky or Virgin buy a recorder box and fast forward through the ads on every single channel. Will work out cheaper in the long run.


To be more explicit then, the offer is 1500 shows ad free, with a caveat that some ads will be seen anyway. R-

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Good idea. R-

I still can’t see how others can assist you make the decision. No one will know your circumstances like you.

Thank you - that’s helpful. R-

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Thank you - that’s very helpful. R-

True - but their insight can be helpful. R-


A quick note for those of us without a TV license, is that this may not work out cheaper, as in addition to the cost of the hardware, it will require paying for a tv license too.


That is true. Before this turns into a huge discussion about TV licences again, I can confirm that you will need one to record live TV :sweat_smile:

I had a quick look and a recorder box starts at £39 and an annual TV licence is £159.

So hopefully this helps you decide if you’d rather pay £48 per year for ad free viewing on Channel 4 or the former for every channel.


If you pay annually it’s cheaper - if someone wants to commit that is.

I have an ad-blocker on my web browser for my PC and use MyBloxx for my iPhone - Universal ad-blocker in Safari and apps

I paid once when there was a TV show I really wanted to binge over a weekend. I cancelled as soon as I’d finished and made sure I got my money’s worth by watching lots of other TV shows without ads while I could!


I’ll happily not pay for it, on the rare times the adverts come on, {never seems often when I watch) I just nip to the loo or get a drink.

This is what I’ve done in the past, with both All 4+ and ITV Hub+. But I also have a YouView box with recording capabilities (about £30 off Gumtree, and no subscription fee since it’s basically Freeview) and a TV Licence anyway so I set to record most things and watch them back later, skipping all the ads. And as is the case with Sky boxes, you can set to record an entire series in advance so it’s not much hassle.

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I pay for All4 and have for ages. For me it’s totally worth it given the amount I watch of C4. I hate adverts with such a passion that £3.99 a month is worth it. It’s basically one meal deal a month and I cannot think how it’s not worth it :joy:


I didn’t even realise this was an option!

But of the tv I watch, very little of it actually live, so I can just skip through the adverts anyway.