Poor Monzo customer help: Payment to Apple in my transactions that I didn't make

I’m having an extremely frustrating time getting help from Monzo with a transcation that appears in my current account that I didn’t make. I’ve spent three hours on the phone with Apple talking to 7 different people who are saying it’s an issue with my bank - they say they have no record of a transaction for that amount being chatged to my card number.

It’s only a small amount (£9.05) but it’s the principle and the thought that I can potentially be charged for someting I didn’t buy that worries me.

I’ve called the Monzo support number but been cut off twice and in the app chat they’re fobbing me off so far by pointing me back to Apple!

Any advice on next steps? I hate to close the account but it’s just not acceptable to have unknown charges and then not act responsibly to help sort out the issue.

You should press on the disputed transaction, go the bottom of it and press “something wrong”. This should get you through to chat easier. There’s no point ringing Monzo it’s a waste of time.

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Thanks but have done that and been fobbed off twice…

If you say you didn’t make the transaction and Monzo disagree, I’d imagine it’s probably because the transaction is flagged as one made with the card or the PIN (hence it must have been you who made it)?

What exactly do Monzo say?

So Monzo can’t see this transaction on your account? If so where are you seeing this transaction? Is it an email saying it’s been charged?

Feels like a phishing email.

Sounds like Apple can’t find the transaction to me, not Monzo. I’m guessing because Apple are checking against their Apple ID for that specific card.

They say they’ve reported the transaction to Monzo in app, which suggests it shows up on the feed.

What do you mean fobbed off?

Are you certain you don’t have any subscriptions you forgot about?

What did Apple say the transaction relates to?

When you tap on the transaction what exactly does it say at the bottom of the page?

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Good question - and I hadn’t noticed that at the bottom of the transaction page - here’s what it says:

Maybe call 0845-600-1683 and ask why the payment was taken from your account?

GBP9.05 equates to roughly USD11.95, so could you have purchased something through the Apple store online or started a monthly payment to Apple which is approx. USD11.95 per transaction?

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Reason I asked was in case it wasn’t really an Apple transaction, but was just called Apple in the main transaction list.

However, that does look like an Apple transaction

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Apple gift card apparently. Probably €10

To check your blanace

Blanace? Is that their typo or yours or both? Surely Apple would not do that. Seems a bit dodgy.

Its common when people steal/get your card details to buy a test low value gift voucher to see if it goes through and works.