POLL: Where do you currently bank? And will you switch?

Currently have accounts with NatWest and Tesco. I’ll probably keep both, as NatWest’s branches are useful and Tesco pays good interest and cashback in Tesco stores.

I have the Monzo preview but not sure if I’m going to stick with it - will probably use Starling as my main account.

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Just out of interest, what works better with Starling for you? Is it something Monzo could do better perhaps?


Yes I’d like to know as well as I am thinking of moving to Starling instead now.

I wouldn’t say there’s any particular thing that Starling does better, and any features they currently have that Monzo don’t, I’m sure Monzo will get pretty soon (and vice versa). In terms of the raw product, I see very little difference - they’re both early products, but both great.

It’s more just that I find myself disliking some of the directions Monzo is heading in. They come across more as a startup that happens to be in banking, with all the haphazardness that tech startups bring, where as Starling seems to be more a new bank that is using modern technology. Sure, they’re both early stage, but Starling just seems more considered. Some of Monzo’s moves, like crowdsourcing strategic decisions, constant overdraft pricing and ads in the feed have left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe it’s just my perception, but they seem to be guided more by a desire to be different than a desire to make the best choice.

Maybe Monzo’s strategy is better - I can certainly see the argument that you’re not going to win customers by being a normal bank with better tech and customer service, and that you need to be starkly different to make inroads. Personally, though, I think I prefer Starling’s approach.

Edit: I don’t want to get into a flame war about whose favourite bank is better. There are some things that Monzo does better, and if they’re important to you, good for you. I’m glad both exist.

Currently with Nationwide, I’ll probably stick with them for DDs/Salary but transfer all non-regular payments out to my Monzo.

Until a point where Monzo adds support for saving pots - I’m still going to need to keep my Nationwide account open.

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I didn’t want to either :slight_smile: I just wanted to understand another perspective so thank you for sharing! I totally get some of the points you bring up and to be honest you’re right, at this early stage both are very similar and it really is preference just as I prefer Sublime Text over Atom.

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Them’s fighting words :wink:


I’m pretty much trapped with my current bank for the next ~6 years. The joys of being a student.

But day-to-day is all going to be on Monzo.

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I posted this poll, but today all the existing votes have disappeared and it states no voters. I can see the options, but no voting tick boxes on any options, and none of my vote selections are shown.

Can I ask, is this the same view for everyone?

yes…but also seeing this on other polls on here too

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also seeing that. RIP in peace polls


Polls may be entirely broken. Will investigate and escalate if required. Do not adjust your TV set, etc.


Sad face.


Monzo to the rescue!!

Can you look at this unread thing as it’s been going on all month now too?

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I wanted to try both but the Starling app won’t run on root.

In your opinion and with what you know of both, would it be worth getting hold of an unrooted phone to try Starling?

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Probably not. I mean, they’re both unfinished products with fairly similar functionality - Monzo is more polished in some areas, Starling in others. If you like playing with shiny new tech, then it’s fun having both, but I wouldn’t say it’s worth a lot of effort as in the end they’re not all that different.

Basically, if you just enjoy experimenting with different banks, I’d try Loot or Revolut (if they work on root, I don’t know if they do). Loot’s app is a bit buggy, but the card is really nice looking. No they’re not technically banks, but functionally they have most of the features.

If you’re not interested in experimenting for the sake of it, but just want to find the best solution, then I wouldn’t think it’s worth getting an extra device just to try Starling. It’s not functionally very different to Monzo - if you like Monzo, you probably won’t find much at Starling to sway you, and if you don’t like Monzo, you’ll probably dislike Starling for the same reasons.


Main account is currently with First Direct - I switched to them from Lloyds after getting my pre-paid Monzo card. I have a Monzo current account card now but won’t be switching over just yet because the First Direct account has benefits which are still useful to me. Instead I will be transfering a portion of my salary to my Monzo card every month to use as ‘spending money’. When the Monzo marketplace is more fully developed I’ll reevalutate the situation - so probably looking about a year down the line.

I keep things a bit complicated! I have RBS for my salary and household bills that earn cash back. FD because I got a switching bonus for joining and access to the regular saver. Nationwide for the refer a friend incentive (already done 3 out of 5 recommendations that i can do this year) their regular saver and in credit interest. Tesco bank for the in credit interest. TSB for in credit interest and DD cash back. Starling for daily budgeted spend and Monzo for weekly food shops. I think thats all… theres probably another that I have forgotten about :rofl::rofl::grin:

I doubt I will switch but that may change in the future!

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Appreciated, thank you