Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Who’s picking this up? It looks fantastic.


Probably me, I never finished it 20 years ago so probably should now :hushed:

I wonder if it’ll get a Stadia appearance (disclaimer I haven’t watched the trailer)

I’d finish the original version if I were you.

This version will be ruined by SE’s insistence that you have to use a different battle system.

So excited!

Is the switch version the “original” version?

Pretty much.

I played FF7 to death in the nineties, numerous completes, secret hunting etc.

I am looking forward to the reboot but unfortunately it is being released in parts so I plan to buy it when all the parts are released.

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This is about as exciting as going full Monzo!

I absolutely cannot wait for the remake to come out, so many more memories to make.

Yup! Had it on pre-order for a little while!

Reminds me, need to change the Delivery Address because I’ve changed Jobs since then!

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I love the battle themes (music) in the Fantasy Series. It was particularly good in 7, 8 and 10. 9 was pretty good too. Came across cover versions on Apple Music recently that were really good (the originals are there too).

Edit: the covers on Apple Music I found are by someone called Pontus Hultgren. They’re really good, better in some ways than the originals!

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The Orchestral versions as well as the Piano soundtracks are fantastic. Always the centre of my collections. I even play the calmer tracks during quiet times in my primary class.

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I’ve started playing FFVIII again now it’s released on the PS4 just after finishing FFX again. Really looking forward to this remake, I really hope they do the original justice. I will continue to sit on the nostalgic hype train and see how I feel about it once it’s out!