Monzo have closed my account and my account was overdrawn

Monzo have emailed numerous times about my name being defaulted if I don’t respond. I have responded to at least 5 of their emails but they still won’t acknowledge that I have responded to them.

They say if I don’t respond by 20th March, I will be defaulted which is outrageous and frustrating because I have responded to their bloody email I have proof as below.

As you can see even though I responded back to them on the 18th. They emailed me yet again today to respond as if I never responded. This is really starting to be annoying.

Have you tried calling or contacting via in app chat?

When you replied, did you state next steps or how you can/will pay?

Is there nothing in that email to click to get to a web form or anything?

This is a forum full of customers you’ll just have to carry on emailing Monzo, there’s nothing anyone here can do.


Well my account is closed so I don’t have access to the app. And I have called numerous times and nobody ever picks as the phone hangs up once it reaches 20minutes. I literally tried before and nobody picked up

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Yes I have responded back to them with the plan and everything but they didn’t respond back. It’s such a headache. Is there anything I can do if they were to default me and I had proof I responded?

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In your situation (no response received) I’d probably try the more general purpose email ( and/or DM the @monzo twitter team


Maybe but I would imagine it’s a battle.

I don’t normally do this but I think the bat signal for @AlanDoe is needed


Thanks mate

I have emailed them just now and I also forwarded them the emails they sent me regarding the default and they’ll be able to see me responding back.

So thank you for the email and hopefully this gets sorted out.


Sorry who’s Allan doe?

you must have left that account with that balance for a while because it’s takes a few months before a default notice is given, if you have the money just send it to your closed account if you still have the details and clear the balance.

I have transferred money and it bounces back to me. The account is closed so they won’t receive money. Only way I can send money if monzo decide to reply to me and they give me a specific sort code and account number.

The issue is them not responding back to me. I have fully cooperated but they are not helping.


As others have pointed out, this is a customer forum. You’ll need to contact Monzo directly, I’m afraid.

Edit: I’ll let Monzo know about your post. I’m sorry that you’re caught in what must be a difficult situation.