Please help - is transferring money into Monzo instant?

I’m struggling here, my partner pays half the bills each month, I have all the direct debits and mortgage in my name, so he transfers the money from his account into my account (with my current bank) can he still do this instantly with monzo

He can send money by bank transfer, this is normally instant

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Thanks wasn’t sure…only ever used high street banks

Monzo uses the same faster payments network as high street banks. I think there’s small print for all that says it will be transferred within x hours but it’s basically instant unless there’s a problem with the faster payments network.


Thanks… I’m a little dubious if to use monzo as my main and only bank

I understand the hesitation because Monzo are newer, but I wouldn’t worry.

They’re regulated just like the high street banks and your money is guaranteed like the other banks.

I’ve had them as my main (and only) bank account for a few years now, and I’ve never had any problems. All my direct debits come out of my Monzo acc, my wages are paid in etc.


Be aware that the first transfer could take a bit longer, especially if your partner uses HSBC.

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Been in the same bank for years. But now there are hardly any open and it’s mainly online banking now anyway. I rang up to ask a question and the girl had no idea how to answer… very frustrating

I just want a straight forward bank that knows what it’s doing and just gets on with it

Thanks for that, he’s with a different bank thank god

The limitations with Monzo are international transfers. They don’t support these directly. If you are paying in cash a lot you can only do £1000 every 6 months and cheques need to be posted. If you need these 3 things a lot then Monzo might not be the best for you

But there’s no harm in having 2 accounts. 1 high street and monzo as well, see what you think after a few months

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Mmm see your point…
Because the small branches have all shut up shop and he can’t get into the main branch, he always transfers the money directly into my account each month. As long as there’s no limit on transfers I’ll be ok.
Than you

£10,000 per day transfer limit

Unless you use a lot of gas and electric each month you’ll be fine :grin:

There is no limit on inbound transfers (from another bank account to your Monzo account) - the £10K limit applies to outbound transfers (from your Monzo account to another bank account) - so you’ll be fine and can go crazy with those utilities :partying_face:

Ha ha! The little devils never run away with me :joy:
As much as I’d wish, my beloved never gives me anymore that £1000 so that’s well below the amount.
Thanks for your help


Trust me. Banking with Monzo will change the way you think about banks. At the beginning it’s a trust issue. But I’ve been full Monzo since October 2018 and I’ve NEVER(that’s NEVER) EVER had a problem but I always felt that if I had an issue; Monzo would do the best they could to sort things,and Monzo has been my only bank during that time. They totally and utterly cut the crap and pompous attitude displayed by some mainstream banks. So there you go. If you can give it a try you WONT be disappointed. :+1::+1::+1:


The faster payment guarantee states that it will clear by the end of the next business day. Of course most payments complete in seconds or minutes but can’t be guaranteed to do so.

A big thank you to all who answered my plea.
I’m getting a good vibe from everybody who answered and who’s a member.


Thank you :+1:

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Pleasure! Monzo is overall good news !!! :wave: