It really would be useful to have the App on my Windows 10 laptop. Whilst Ican use my 'phone I normally do all my banking on my laptop for all my other accounts, it’s particularly useful being able to use a full size keyboard, I make a lot of mistakes on a small touch screen, important when banking. Tere’s also the possibility of getting hacked when on a public Wifi connection.

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I’m always of the belief that you should NEVER use a public wifi connection… maybe I’m just paranoid…

This was my main argument against Monzo when I was first introduced to it. I ran Windows 10 on both PC and phone and so Monzo was inaccessible. Considering that the vast majority of mobile devices (laptops) still run Windows I think it’s an oversight.

This said, no other large-screen device is supported, be that OSX or Chrome.

Since the discontinuation of support for handheld Windows devices I think this is all less critical.

Since (reluctantly) converting to Android I’ve come to the following conclusions over this discussion;

  • It’s better to perfect 1/2 OS before branching out to multiple systems and diluting resources used for development.
  • Monzo coin themselves as, and built a brand around, being a ‘Mobile bank’.
  • Those who support a desktop client are definitely amongst the minority.

Overall, it’s just not financially feasible or sensible for Monzo to dedicate resources on such a niche offering. I’m in full support of their current tactic to get Android and IOS working fully before any time is spent on other projects.

An immediate an simple fix to your issue would be a cheap Bluetooth keyboard attached to your phone/tablet.

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I agree. To support Windows, other mobile phone platforms, and future platforms nobody has thought of yet, Monzo needs to have a fully featured web app which has parity with the mobile phone apps. They do currently have a web app available but it is a bit limited I think. Hopefully they have someone working on this.

I’m fairly sure they don’t.

The web page was enough for emergency sole account management but nothing more. If they do anything, I expect that extending it to cover joint accounts will be the next step.


Windows is vastly outnumbered by Android & iOS, so Monzo does run on the vast majority of mobile devices.

I think you are :grin:. The connection between the Monzo app and its servers is encrypted and signed with a security certificate. No one can eavesdrop on this, and if someone tried to redirect the connection to a server they controlled, it would fail the certificate check and so would also fail. There shouldn’t be any risk to using Monzo on public WiFi.

Note that mobile data connections are no more secure, as they can also be hijacked, so no reason in particular to avoid public WiFi.


I think you should re read that. Android and iOS don’t run on laptops.

I know that, but your comment said “Considering that the vast majority of mobile devices (laptops) still run Windows”, which isn’t true. I thought you were saying that laptops should be supported because they constitute the vast majority of mobile devices – I was only trying to point out that there are far more mobile phones than laptops, which is one reason why Monzo has targeted them for the moment.

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Which the rest of my post outlines.

There is (was?) an independent web Monzo on Guthub - if you don’t mind a touch of dev work to set it up, you basically get a full web client based off of the app… I forget what the project was called though…