Google "Pixel 3 Lite" leaks out


Looks like they plan to release this after I/O.

I am interested to see what market segment this is aimed at. Since you can get flagship chips on devices from OnePlus, it needs to be very aggressive on pricing and with some bonuses thrown in (unlimited Google Photos storage, maybe a free upgrade on Google One plans,etc)


If this is priced right (£300 - £400), I think it might be my next phone.


If this is priced cheap (£100 - £200), I think it might be my next phone.



If Google price this at £450 max with a ton of marketing behind it, they may have a winner on their hands.

Sadly I think there’s a strong change they’ll just get it wrong and try and price it above £500, and then you’re solidly in OnePlus 6T territory.


Sigh. We can only dream!


Ehh… Specs look closer to a £150-200 handset…

Undoubtedly they’ll charge a massive premium on top of this for the ‘Pixel’ branding, despite the massive screen to body ratio downgrade over phones in this price bracket.

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Surely it has to be less than £500. You can get a pixel 3 for around that if not on the google store.

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There is always an argument when discussing the cost of iPhone that the premium applied to the phones are to cover the years of support and software upgrades.

In terms of software support, the pixel is supported longer than any other Android phone. Perhaps this is where higher costs are justified.

Somewhat valid point, however with the huge influx of new Android One handsets coming to the market, this argument is becoming outdated.

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It’s just a point I have heard before. In essence, I believe - like you - that flagship or mid range phones from the main brands are too expensive. I was really interested in the pixel 3 prior to release, but the cost of the XL was too high.

If like you say, this is 100-200 quid, it would be great. I just can’t see that this is likely unfortunately, as I feel this is going to be in the 400-500 bracket :call_me_hand:

I agree. I’ll stick with my plans to get a Moto One / Nokia 6.1 Plus (if they ever release it in the UK…)

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In which case, it’s a definite for me