Pingit RIP 🪦

Seems Barclays is getting inspired by Their most innovative service Pingit can now be used just as

If you have Pingit App you can create your own URL

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Hmm, very interesting, thanks for sharing. I wonder if I should start using this for bills to reduce the cost on Monzo :laughing:

They have following limits;

You can use a UK debit card to send up to £150 to each Pingit page.
Over a 7-day period, you can pay up to £400 and/or make up to 4 separate payments to a Pingit page.

Wonder if we’re beginning to witness Barclays’ foray into transferring their consumer business over to a more fintech footing?

Pingit, which was a Paym platform now comes with Pots, payment wearables (inherited from now–defunct bPay) but also a fully–formed Visa debit card, which debits from a configured Pot. Pots can be auto–topped up, which means you could use one as a TfL travel account instead of Oyster.

The interesting thing is Pots come with their own account numbers and sort codes. Not too far a leap to see Barclays marketing Pingit as a stand-alone banking brand in the not–too distant future, like Bó from RBS?


I’ve got it with a contactless band. It’s incredibly simple to use. Create pots and switch which pot the band points to on the fly. I think Monzo is crying out for this functionality being able to spend directly from a pot.

If there’s an account number and sort code behind them, does that mean I can setup a direct debit to it?

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Depends. Do you know what sort code they’re using? Might be more like a prepaid card that doesn’t support that

Yea it tells you the sort code and account number in the settings of each pot. I’ve got a couple and they all look like unique ones

Check what it says here to begin with then. A fun link for quiet nights in


Looks like no direct debits.

On another note, I really don’t like the fact that the National Lottery is embedded in the app with what is effectively an auto bet toggle.


Pingit will soon be no more


This did not age well.


Or did it?

Comparing Pingit to Bó, which has already bitten the dust, turns out to be pretty spot on!

It looks like Barclays are rethinking their digital strategy a bit. I can’t help but think that the recent closure of Launchpad as a stand-alone app is also related to this.

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Well, time to order a Pingit card to add to the collection!

At work everyone uses it for birthday money collection so that’ll have to go somewhere else. I just hope that they can use the app as a basis for a much improved Barclays app. The Pingit app is much faster, with fewer loading spinners


Isn’t this just Paym that they are using?

It’s integrated into Pingit, but also supports being linked directly to most bank accounts (so no real need for Pingit).

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It’s always a link to pay into a Pingit pot so I have no idea

I don’t think that is then.

They will have to switch to using, Starling Settle-Up or Paypal instead, I suppose.

Yes, they’ll most likely have to! I just set up a random jar I have no intention of using just to get a Pingit card before they forever disappear

I still remember using a (then) bPay bracelet; before my banks/accounts supported Apple Pay. Shortly after buying one, Apple Pay arrived and my bracelet fell into disuse. I still have it somewhere but I forgot the security details and resetting them was not worth the bother

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Huh. I always assumed you had to have a Barclays account to use it. :grimacing: And I don’t think I was intrigued enough to look into it more.

It certainly had the potential to become the UK’s Venmo. I can imagine “Pingit me” gaining traction before “Monzo me” became a thing, especially as it was bank-neutral. Combine that with Open Banking auto-top-up and you’ve got something pretty powerful.

Typical big bank pissing-it-up-the-wall mentality really.


Nope, it has always been for all banks!

I totally agree, it was squandered potential.

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