Tap the pot and spend from there

(Henry) #1

Hi guys! Awesome work. Thanks for creating an amazing bank.

I thought it would be great to be able to tap on the pot you’d like the monzo card to spend money from.

Here’s an example:

1: You go traveling.
2: you’ve been saving money but don’t want to mix it with your current account money.
3: you tap on your “Rome” pot and
4: Voila! Any transaction you make with the monzo card will come out from that pot.

Is this possible? x

(Stephen Spencer) #2

Very similar to this thread from yesterday


Each ‘pot’ shouldn’t be just a pot. It should be its own bank account where you can link your card to or have direct debits link to that individual one.

This is much like Bunq (a Dutch fintech bank) allow you to do with their ‘up-to-25 bank accounts’. I’m very impressed how Bunq present things but unfortunately can’t really use it in the UK (except for card purchases) for things like direct debits etc as it is a Euro only, EU payment area account.


Their 2 PINs on one card is cool, with the ability to link the card to 2 accounts (think 2 pots)

(Stephen Wright) #5

This is really nice idea. I’d like the ability to switch the pots around. I also wondered whether it might be possible to transfer money in more fine-grained amounts than £5 or £10 (or is this already possible?) from pots.

(Stephen Spencer) #6

Yes, tap the amount and a numeric keypad comes up where you can edit the value to an exact amount including pence it seems

(Stephen Wright) #7

Thansk for this, very helpful. In that case, spending directly from the pots would seem to be the next thing in line.

(Henry) #8

Hey! Yes it is. Just tap on the number and type what you want.