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I’ve just completed the sign up procedure and must say the process was wonderfully simple, all app based, no paperwork or wet signatures. The selfie clip and passport ID check is a great way to do it. Started the process in the evening and the human verification of passport scan and video was done within the hour, card arrived 2 days later.
So far great system and great service.

One thing that was confusing though was the PIN.
Normally a new card will arrive and the pin arrives a day later in those annoying flimsy peel off label things so I was expecting it to be the same way.
However after I activated the card I saw a link for forgotten PIN and thought I wonder if I can see it that way on the app.
Before I could even try it a text came through with my PIN.
Again brilliantly simple but I wish someone had said that was the way it was going to happen. There was no info about this on the initial invite or on the paperwork that came with the card.

A sticker on the card as its delivered or on the card paperwork to say PIN will follow by text would have been a good idea.

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“PIN Number” meaning “Personal Identification Number Number”…PIN is therefore sufficient :wink:

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Well, the PI Number is something entirely different :wink:


My PI number is


I’m not gonna change it :upside_down_face:

Before I had even read your comment I just knew that someone was going to write this.


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