PIN change

Hi team,

The PIN number can be changed at a cash machine if needed. Think it would be a great idea to have the ability to change it from the Mondo app too :wink:

There has been some discussion of this. The main issue is that the PIN is actually stored in the card. So to change it, the card needs to be in the terminal being used to provide the the PIN.

Yup, it’s not a great experience at all. Especially when traveling to places such as Japan where nothing seems to update the PIN stored on the card (ATMs will use the PIN from the network but won’t update the card, payment terminals use the PIN stored on the card and never check with the network).


Thanks for your suggestion @audreyj.cochet. It would be great if we could update the PIN from the app without the PIN stored on the card getting out of sync but as mentioned above and in a previous thread Changing PIN via app? - that is unfortunately not currently possible.